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Dr. G"s Iodide


Product Description


Indispensable for Soft Corals & Marine Animals 

   •Contains only healthy, safe iodide
   •No toxic iodine 

Dr. G's Iodide is an indispensable chemical needed by Soft Corals and Invertebrates. Essential for Gorgonians,Tunicates, Sponges, Xenias, Worms, Shrimp, etc. 

It is extremely important to maintain the iodide levels in your tank, as close to the ocean levels as possible.Iodide is quickly consumed by tank inhabitants, or depleted by protein skimmers and other forms of filtration. Dr.G's Iodide allows you to restore and maintain desirable iodide levels. 

Fish will develop goiters (abnormality of the thyroid gland), if they don't received sufficient iodide. Xenias will stop having the rhythmic pulsing movement and may fall motionless if they lack iodide

Dr.G's Iodide is a safe source of iodide and will not convert to toxic free iodine that can destroy beneficial bacteria. Dr.G's Iodide contains none of the organic iodine which harms your system. 

Directions: Shake well before using. Pour very slowly into high flow area in the tank, so it easily spreads. Go slow, even if it takes several days to reach the desired target of 0.04 mg/l. Remember Iodide will get consumed and depleted after a few days, so test weekly and restore to sea level of 0.04 mg/l (ppm). 

Dosage: Natural Sea Water has a concentration of approximately 0.04 - 0.06 mg/l (0.04 - 0.06 ppm). We recommend an aquarium concentration of 0.04 mg/l (ppm). Test the Iodide / Iodine level in your tank. If your water is lower than 0.04 mg/l (0.04 ppm), add Dr.G's Iodide at the rate of 5 ml (one teaspoon) per 50 gallons (190 liters), of tank water, every three days. 

Ingredients: Sterilized and Deionized water. Stabilized potassium iodide at a concentration of 8000 ppm. 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. 

Warning: Not for Human consumption. For Aquarium Use Only. Keep out of reach of children

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