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We started cataloging all photographs of RFA's being sold in our online store back in 2013. If you have ever bought from us online you can probably find your RFA pic there. Give or take. Some have been accidentally deleted

These are the ones that were exclusively sold online and not in our retail location. My guess is that for every one sold online we have probably sold hundreds in our retail location and those were never photographed. We have also sold packs on Ebay that are not individually photographed either. We have exported to several countries and also sold countless RFA's to wholesalers as well as retailers in the industry.

How many have gone through our hands? Who knows, but the number is not small.

I have also retained, in most cases, all high resolution pics of them. The ones shown here are optimized for the web. If you have bought from me and would like to get the high-res pic for the RFA you bought please contact me via email.

Last thing, please be aware there's over 2400 pics of RFA's when you click the link and it will be a few seconds before you get them all.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

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