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Rock Anemones

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Rock  or Flower anemones (Epicystis crucifer) are very easy to take care of. They don't sting any other corals and you can put a bunch of them together side by side in the same tank if you so desire. They are normally found in rocky bottoms attached to substrate. Feed them once a week meaty foods like brine shrimp or PE mysis and they will be very happy. Rock anemones grow to about 6" in the wild, but we do not collect those. Normally the ones that we sell vary from 1-3". They will and have the ability to expand or contract as they please. All my pictures are taken under leds with most lighting being blue. Blue leds will show their best coloration. These look very different under white led or metal halides.

Any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email. We personally collect every one of these specimens and are very familiar with them.


Upon receiving place on top the shipping box styrofoam lid. Make sure styrofoam lid is clean. You can place them there for about a couple of minutes so they purge all water from their bodies. You can introduce them to your aquarium after a couple of minutes once they have purged a good amount of water from shipping.


Place the newly acquired anemone in a plastic container with water from your tank with some larger pieces of live rock rubble or shell and most times they will attach to it within 20-40 minutes. Once they have attached they can be moved into your tank and positioned in an area without fear of circulation within the tank blowing them all over the place.


As with any other coral you should reduce or shade the coral when first introduce to your aquarium and slowly acclimate to your lighting over a couple of weeks. You can bleach your RFA's if they are blasted with too much light without the proper acclimation. In most cases they will regain their original colors over time.

We keep our RFA's at around 50-100 PAR under mostly blue Leds for 8 hours a day.

Water Parameters:

Specific Gravity 1.026

Water Temp = 74 - 78 Degrees Farenheit

Calcium - 420-440

Alkalinity = 8 dKh

Magnesium = 1350

Phosphates = 0

Nitrates = 10 ppm


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